From its inception in 1984, the MTV Video Music Awards has earned itself a reputation that accepts—or encourages, rather—colorful fashion (to put it mildly) on stage and on the red carpet.

This Sunday (Aug. 24) marks the award show’s 30th anniversary. That means we’ve borne witness to three decades’ worth of controversial-slash-polarizing looks, from purple pasties (ahem, Lil’ Kim) to raw meat (that’s you, Lady Gaga). At this point, it’ll take a lot to shock us, but as jaded as we are, we can’t wait to see what Sunday night has in store for us, fashion-wise.

In short: It’s the one night of the year when all the stars can sartorially unleash their creativity. Nothing is too crazy or too wildly “out there” for the VMAs. And we have the proof—we took a look back and pinpointed the most memorable looks from day one with Madonna dressed as a bride during her now-iconic “Like a Virgin” performance to Miley Cyrus’s bizarre bear one-piece (and subsequently, her nude two-piece) last year.

Get pumped for the show, starting with the most unforgettable fashion moments from years past.