Blake Lively and Rihanna continue to be constant sources of hair envy for us, and no matter how hard we’ve tried to recreate their red carpet waves (trust us … we’ve tried), we can never get the cascading effect quite as perfect as their glam squad does—until now.

While sharing a hair pro with RiRi may be a pipe dream, the latest class of self-rotating curling irons and styling tools proves to be the next best thing. Case in point: the Kiss Instawave ($60; in September), which creates soft, touchable ringlets minus the juggling act with your curling iron. Simply place a section of hair into the wide-set comb base, and once you’ve determined which way to wind your curl, press the button to direct it either right or left, pulling the tool in and out of your strands to cover your mid-lengths and ends. For a defined look like Rihanna’s, hold the Instawaver in place a touch longer than you would if you were creating a beachy effect like Blake Lively’s.

Along with the Instawaver, we rounded up a few more self-rotating tools to help you get a red carpet hairstyle in a fraction of the time, along with the prettiest celebrity looks for reference. Click through our gallery to get all the details on each hair tool now!