As summer temps climb outdoors, they tend to dip indoors. This can lead to a problem we all know too well—especially from offices that have cranked up the AC so high that the chill rivals that of the Polar Vortex (OK, slight exaggeration, but you catch our drift).

To combat the draft without sacrificing warm-weather style, we rounded up 14 summer knits that range from charming cardis to cheery pull-overs. Shrug on a cozy cardigan over your tanks and sleeveless tops, or turn your dress into a skirt by layering it with an open-knit sweater. Stick with classic neutrals, like gray or ivory, that pair well with everything, or consider a print to switch things up (your accidental mixed prints could look stylishly intentional).

Lastly, leave your buffer at the workplace in case emergency insulation is needed—that way, you’ll never feel overexposed, under-heated, or just plain uncomfortably cold again. Shop our 14 knit picks ahead.