If there’s one fashion maxim we abide by, it’s that jewelry can completely change an outfit. A pair of earrings can take a simple black shift from desk to cocktail party in the same way that a statement necklace can elevate a pair of dark jeans and a simple white button-up. And your wedding day look is no different.

When it becomes time to choose the perfect bridal accessories, you’ll want to take into consideration every aspect of your wedding from the color palette, the theme, the time of day and perhaps most importantly, the venue.

Yep, you heard us right. That’s because, chances are, you’d choose a different pair of earrings to wear for a seaside wedding than you would for one in a ballroom. Lucky for you, we’ve chosen the perfect pieces for summer’s trendiest wedding locales: a vineyard, a barn, a rooftop, a waterfront and a garden. Click through our gallery to check them out!