Summer is almost here, which means we’re longing for salt-soaked waves and sun-kissed makeup, now more than ever. That cool, casual vibe embodied by surfer girls is as desirable today as it was when Blue Crush hit the big screen in 2002—and luckily you don’t need to spend weekends at the beach (or know how to ride waves) to attain the same natural beauty look.

Keep in mind that a true surfer girl’s primping habits are low-maintenance, so spending hours on your hair and makeup isn’t necessary—in fact, it will only take away from the effortless quality you’re trying to achieve. To get you started, we rounded up all the products you’ll need to channel your inner surfer, including ones to score perfectly tousled tendrils and a back-from-the-beach glow without the damaging effects of saltwater and UV rays. Shop all the must-haves now in our gallery!