Summer is already off to a sweet start, with National Candy Month in full swing! We’re taking this as an excuse to indulge in our favorite sugary treats throughout June (as if we needed one!), and to make things extra decadent, we’re extending that feeling to our manicures.

If you’re a Jolly Rancher kind of person, reach for Butter London’s Lolly Brights ($15 each; collection—each shade dries to an ultra-shiny hard candy finish, and we love how sweet each hue looks against a summer tan. In the spirit of all things sugar-coated and calorie-laden, we put together a list of our favorite candy-inspired nail polishes to give your mani a festive twist. From lacquers that dry to a gumdrop texture to dessert-esque pastels and even scented press-ons, we sampled every option, and the best part? No guilt or calories involved!

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