Getting your summer glow on (sans the sun) can be tricky territory, and not all self-tanning products are created equal. Selecting the right formula for your complexion is the first step to achieving a natural-looking finish, and the proper application will save you from embarrassing mishaps like telltale streaks and unsightly orange hues (we’ve all been there!).

To ease your quest for the perfect bronze, we quizzed self-tanning gurus and came up with the best tips, products and techniques to suit every skin tone. If you’re fair like Cara Delevingne, for example, St. Tropez skin finishing expert Sophie Evans recommends taking a gradual approach. “Break yourself in gently to self-tanning and get used to seeing yourself with a glow,” says Evans. “Use a gradual self-tanner at first, which are formulated to take you one to two shades darker. Apply every few days, and once you have your desired color, you can use a true self-tanner.”

Ready to go bronze? Find the best sunless tanning tips for your skin tone in our gallery!