The Kardashian-West wedding watch continues! Kim Kardashian is a pro at working faux lashes, and there’s no doubt that she’ll be wearing a glamorous set for her walk down the aisle tomorrow. To give her falsies a natural appearance, the star admits to trimming full strips into pieces so they’ll fit perfectly. “I cut mine in half for a more realistic appearance, then add a line of glue to the base of the strip,” she previously told InStyle. “Look in the mirror — head up, eyes lowered — and use the handle of an eyeshadow brush to help keep the outer corner of your lid closed. Apply the strip to your lash line, and hold for five seconds.” Great trick! Faux lashes can definitely be intimidating if you’re a rookie at the trend, so our InStyle beauty pros gathered additional tips on how you can wear and apply them with ease. We also determined when you should use full strips, single flares, and even found a lash conditioner to help grow your natural ones to a mile-long length like Kardashian’s! Click through our gallery to read each of the tips now!