Charlotte Olympia
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Some say fashion moves fast and Charlotte Olympia’s designer Charlotte Dellal is taking that thought literally. This week, she launches her Faster collection, a lineup of pedal-to-the-metal accessories inspired by Formula One racing. It’s just in time for the Monaco Grand Prix (one of the biggest races of the year), which kicks off May 22.

Her interpretation delivers T-strap heels that incorporate the shape of a gold trophy cup, clutches covered in racing flag designs, wedges showing a tire pattern, and more (prices start at $695; “I’ve always loved the glamour and prestige that is attached to Grand Prix racing and Formula One racing,” Dellal says. “Plus, I always feel like I’m racing around, between work and home, so I wanted my accessories to reflect that.”

Dellal gave the exclusive first look at the line, which is available now. Check out the pieces in our gallery!