She’s got it all! Rachel Zoe is not only a mother to two adorable boys, she’s as glamorous as it gets. The stylist, designer, and author came out to celebrate the success of her second book, Living in Style, (it’s already a New York Times bestseller) with a party at the Marc Jacobs store in West Hollywood last night, and we chatted with the star about being a stylish mommy.

“I wear more black than I ever have in my entire life,” Zoe tells InStyle. “Even tonight, I was standing there in this dress, and I kissed my boys good night. They were soaked in the bath tub, and Skyler wrapped his arms around me, and I thought, ‘Okay then. Glad I’m wearing black.’ If I was wearing white chiffon, I would have had to have changed.” For the event, Zoe opted for a floor-length sequined Marc Jacobs dress and sky-high Brian Atwood heels, all in the dark hue. 

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However, Zoe says sometimes she does find herself subconsciously matching her outfits to those of her children. “Sometimes Skyler and I will leave the house, and we’re literally wearing the same thing,” Zoe says. “Once, I was wearing an ivory cashmere poncho and denim, and he was wearing an ivory cardigan with denim. And I was wearing brown boots, and he was wearing brown boots. I swear I didn’t do that on purpose!”

One thing we were dying to know? If the fashion star ever plans to do a kid’s clothing line. “Some day, probably. I want to because I’m so obsessed with children and everything that pertains to children,” Zoe states. Clearly, her obsession includes her own children—who are almost as stylish as their mother. “I have my boys’ names engraved in almost every piece of jewelry I own because it’s the closest thing to a tattoo.”

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With reporting by Brianna Deutsch