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Uniqlo has teamed up with  model and designer Inès de la Fressange to create a line of neat classics with an impeccable French twist. The result? Just as dreamy as you would imagine. But the best part is, each piece ranks in at under $60. The Japanese retailer is known for their easy, wearable pieces with unique details, weather-appropriate perks, and far from intimidating price points. So when we learned that Fressange was teaming up with Uniqlo as a part of their LifeWear line, we caught up with her for our March issue. “I like being able to buy something that is good quality and has style without being extravagant,” Fressange tell us in our 616-page issue. One of Fressange’s favorites is this tailored-to-the-body blouse with a crisp collar.

Click to see the rest of the pieces from Fressange’s collaboration with Uniqlo—each piece speaks to her chic Parisian charm.