Extreme Weather Fashion
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After the Arctic chill just a couple of weeks ago (aka the ‘Polar Vortex,’ which was responsible for record-breaking low temps, blistering gusts of wind, and an apocalyptic-like frozen landscape eerily reminiscent of The Day After Tomorrow), consider us prepped and primed to weather out all kinds of extreme elements—just in time for Sundance, too. As the first film festival of the year, Sundance has seen its fair share of wintry conditions, with screenings and award distributions dead set in the middle of January. So, the pressure to stay warm and still look presentable is on, whether it’s hitting the slopes or schmoozing with big-name stars.

And since we don’t have an A-list hottie to cozy up to (for now!), we took to finding the most insulated, chicest items around, from sweaters in high-tech fabrics or parkas in heavy-duty down. We may be out of dangerous hypothermia territory, but the cold is far from over. Even if you won’t be in Utah, you can still shop these winter-proof items, so the next time the North Pole decides to stray South, you’ll be all, “Pshh, what polar vortex?!”


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