There’s a strong undercurrent of pressure on New Year’s Eve to pull out all the stops—in the form of excessive glitter, sequins and all-around bling. So while the go-to uniform may be a blinding, disco ball-esque mini, yours doesn’t have to be. Change things up a bit this year with a monochromatic look in head-to-toe pastel pink. Or toughen up a pencil skirt with a wild print and a leather top. Still meaning to try the crop top trend? Here’s your chance, with a sexy metallic bustier and a full ladylike skirt. We did all the work for you and pieced together everything you need to pull off four fail-safe out-of-the-norm looks. And since it is New Year’s Eve after all, we sprinkled in some sparkle here and there. Let’s close 2013 with a bang and clink to a stylish year ahead!


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