You’re swamped at work, prepping for all that time off. Or, you’re doing everything in your power to delay the dreaded: fighting the crowds and elbowing frantic shoppers. Or, you simply relish the thrill of waiting until the last minute. Whatever may be the case, ’twas the week before Christmas, and you’re still without gifts to give.

Instead of resorting to a pseudo-present of some sort, we present you with six thoughtful gifts that will put all those average gift cards to shame. Choose a Piperlime instant-gift box wrapped and packed with a curated selection of goodies (perfect for your BFF or office pal). Got a foodie on your hands? Adopt an Italian olive tree from Nudo on his/her behalf, and bundle it with a seasonal delivery of olive oil from the very same tree. And if you’re really crunched for time, buy pre-wrapped individual lacquers in bulk—they make for great stocking stuffers, too. Shop each option (or bookmark this page at least…for later) and get your gifts in the nick of time.


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