Midnight Blue Color
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Get to know: Midnight

Color description: One of the bolder shades of spring 2014—an inky blue-black that looks fresher than pure jet.

Runway inspiration: Acne Studios

Pair the shade with: 1) Taxicab Yellow; the sunny hue offsets its moodier counterpart, 2) White; the pure non-color is effortlessly elegant and has proven to contrast nicely, 3) Lilac; the light floral purple softens the darkness, and 4) Kelly Green; thanks to its unapologetic bright nature, the duo is considered a wild-card pairing—wear both together to stand out from the crowd.

Avoid: True black. Midnight blue pitted against black will create a wall of darkness, weighing your whole look down.

Lost on how to wear midnight? Click to see outfit pairing ideas for each color combo:


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