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Holiday parties are on the rise! Pencil in evening events, happy hour cocktails and festive dinners after a full day’s work, and what you have is a jam-packed schedule, leaving you with zero time to catch your breath, let alone a complete outfit overhaul.

Instead of bringing a second set of clothes and risking wrinkles, morph your 9-to-5 ensemble into an after-hours appropriate getup with a few simple swaps and add-ons. Does your job demand a powersuit? Shrug off your blazer and trade it in for a sequined jacket. Upgrade classic black pumps with fierce leopard print. Or, try sticking to a color scheme, like gold and black, for a seamless transition. And if all else fails, pack on the glamour with sparkly accessories. See four ways you can morph your look and no one will know you just came from the office.


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