Kara Yoshimoto Bua is the master makeup artist behind some of the most flawless faces in Hollywood, from Jessica Biel to Anne Hathaway. Her signature style is her calm, peaceful demeanor and the fresh-faced glow she creates on her clients. “I like to begin the makeup session with a few drops of Frankincense or Neroli Essential Oil.  I rub it between my hands and have them inhale a few times deeply. The oils are balancing and help to oxygenate our system, as well as clear and open the air and the vibe in the room,” she told InStyle.com.

Yoshimoto Bua’s first big break was working on the world’s most famous besties, Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox at the Fire and Ice Ball, and has worked with a countless number of famous faces since then, but does she ever still get starstruck? Yes! She confessed the one celeb who ever left her speechless: David Bowie. “One time I sat across the isle from him at a premiere for a movie.  He kind of blew me away with his “Starman” album which I discovered in high school, so yeah, I was star struck that night!”

As the temperatures continue to dip, we asked Yoshimoto Bua for her secret arsenal of products to create a sexy complexion during the hazy days of winter. Click through the gallery to see her Top 10!

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