After the season 3 premiere of Scandal, it was pretty clear who (or in this case, what) stole the show: Olivia Pope’s white trench coat. The Burberry Prorsum Duchesse satin cape topper first made its mark on Cara Delevigne at the spring 2013 runway before making waves in the now famous tension-wrought bunker scene (no spoilers, we promise) with Kerry Washington and InStyle‘s hunky Man of Style Tony Goldwyn. “Kerry and I felt like this coat was her suit of armor and she was going into battle,” Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo revealed to on her wardrobe decision. “In the bunker, Olivia is closed off emotionally and doesn’t want to reveal herself all the way so we kept the coat fastened and buttoned up.” Sadly, the coat is sold out everywhere (like we had $2,500+ to shell out anyway), so we did the next best thing and rounded up 8 lookalikes that we think can cause as much of a scandal. Click through to shop them all.


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