Joseph Gordon-Levitt never ceases to amaze us! The Don Jon actor recently took on Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Merchant to a lip sync-off battle during Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and his lip-syncing skills are kind of mesmerizing. Jimmy Fallon’s lip-syncing battles first started with John Krasinski back in May and now it has become a favored segment (we wish it was its own show), where two, or in this case three, guests each lip-sync two songs of their choosing in an epic battle that often ends with a dropped-mic. If you don’t have a full ten minutes to spare, start at the 3:14 and 8:04 minute marks to watch Gordon-Levitt lip-sync and see who was named the champion! Plus, catch his new movie, Don Jon in theaters on September 27th.

Plus, see the cast of Don Jon celebrate the New York City premiere!

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