Kate Hudson is back on Glee tonight, as hardcore dance instructor Cassandra July to Lea Michele‘s Rachel Berry! On the episode, titled “Swan Song,” Rachel’s newfound confidence in class sparks Cassandra to challenge her to a dance-off. The two battle it out, singing “All that Jazz” from the musical Chicago (watch it above!), and while their characters might be engaging in some friendly dance-combat on-screen, Hudson revealed to InStyle.com that off-screen, it’s all fun. “Lea and I have a great time together! It’s fun when we get to do our numbers,” Hudson told InStyle.com at the Almay Smart Shade and Intense-i launch in New York. “She has such a talented voice—it’s pretty amazing. Every time I hear her sing I’m like, ‘What a beautiful gift she has.’” Get a sneak peek of tonight’s episode by watching the video above, and be sure to tune into Glee tonight FOX tonight at 9/8c.

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