Pools Reflections
Visko Hatfield; Courtesy Jean Pigozzi

This month, photographer Kelly Klein released Pools: Reflectionsa stunning follow-up to the original from two decades ago, Pools. The new update takes a look at how pools are incorporated into fashion, architecture, design, and it’s also for a good cause: Klein will donate all profits of the book to the AIDS Community Research Initiative of America (ACRIA), which works to ensure people living with HIV/AIDS have longer, healthier lives. And that’s not the only way to give back: In addition to the book, Klein teamed up with the non-profit organization to create this special-edition tee, which shows one of the images featured in the tome, and a portion of the sales will also benefit ACRIA. Shop for the book for $100 on rizzoliusa.com and pick up the shirt for $85 at acria.org.

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