eBay Dinner Chris Benz
Sylvain Gaboury/PatrickMcmullan (2)

“I’m always on eBay!” said designer  Chris Benz, who joined the e-retailer’s Global Marketplaces President, Devin Wenig, for the an intimate dinner celebrating its latest innovation at the Highline Stages in New York City. “It’s where I find inspiration for my collections, my apartment, and everything. I can spend hours on it.” And now, eBay will come to him and its millions of other users thanks to a new feature called Feed (ebay.com/feed), an automated, personalized, and continuously updated aggregation that tailors eBay’s 350 million items to your wants and needs. (Think Pinterest, but shoppable.) “The future is about the ability to search and browse, so [Feed] is not just a utility; it can be fun [as well],” said Wenig, who welcomed the 50 designers, editors, and tastemakers to the evening by showing off his own Feed, packed with sporty Dri-Fit clothing and Jets memorabilia. Click through the gallery to see more exclusive photos from the eBay celebration.