Heading out this weekend? Get your small talk inspiration from some of the biggest stories of the week!

1. We met the most powerful women in the world. We’re looking at you, Beyonce.
2. Finnick Odair, is that you? Meet Sam Claflin. It’s worth it.
3. Does the world have too many pop star fragrances? Lady Gaga’s Fame came out and Nicki Minaj’s looks like this.
4. Mariah is Everything. Mariah is Triumphant.
5. Get your bun on! Everyone, every age loves a top knot!
6. Katie Couric’s new show comes on soon, and she might wear one of these outfits her first week on air.
7. This week’s hairstyle moments: Ombre color is still happening, Kristen Bell’s braid is awesome, and Elisabeth Moss’s makeover rocks.
8. There were retro moments galore: Chopard is doing Diana’s diamonds and we love old photos of Jackie O.